Using Wii Controllers for my birdwings

In my 3d sketches I was thinking about using only the acceleration sensors of HTC smartphones. I recently decided to also use Wii controllers, for their excellent I2C accelerometers and gyroscopes. Watch the picture below for an explanation about the components.

In the meanwhile I’ve been able to connect the gyro and accelerometer of a Wii Motion plus and Nunchuck for the backplate. The Buspirat is my big friend :-)

Also managed to combine the acceleration data of the WiiMote and Wildfire S in one application. Tomorrow the video about this will be online! 


Twitter: @Jarnosmeets80 or #Humanbirdwings



8 thoughts on “Using Wii Controllers for my birdwings

  1. i think this is amazing and a wonderful use of engenuity. i want to make one myself, but that in a sense is taking the design from you.

  2. Hey look like you could use carbon graphite material for the skeleton, contact me , i will send you some carbon graphite to make poles and ect…

  3. I think this is most amazing thing I have seen in years I would love to follow your progress . I wish you every success in your endevor and it looks like you doing great.
    john Talco, Texas United States

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