The Flying Dutchman

Last week  a piece about my wings appeared in the German Financial Times.

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10 thoughts on “The Flying Dutchman

  1. Do you think you will be Selling these wings (or wings like this) in the near future?
    If you perfect the concept, which it looks like you already have or are very near too it, the world of people who want to fly will be beating on your door….Me included.

  2. I would love to know if or how I could buy a set, aside from actually grafting D.N.A., this would be like Maximum Ride!

  3. “ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING !” I hope that there will be more information regarding this endeavor. Maybe future ‘plans’ on how to construct or purchase. I look forward in anticipation to learning more about this project. Thank you very much for sharing this possibility with me.
    Sincerely, Thell Gilstrap, Jr. (Butch)

  4. Innovation such as this move us into the future, that anything is possible. This reminds me of the Cartoon series SilverHawks, has become reality.

  5. I just realized that you actually used motors :-) . How dumb of me!
    But solar energy, better batteries and motors may still help improve your invention.
    Nice work, again!