Sharing my flying dream

Between the roasted lamb and tiramisu dessert on Christmas day something wonderful happened. TechCrunch supported my project by sharing the news on my human birdwings.

Here’s a short overview. Thanks to everybody for sharing! 

“If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Mind control would be my answer (I hope to be an evil genius when I grow up). But it seems the most popular answer to that question is the ability to fly. Jarnos Smeets, a mechanical engineer from the Netherlands, is working really hard to make that a reality.”TechCrunch (24th dec)

“Somewhere, somehow, the Wright Brothers are smiling. Jarnos Smeets, a mechanical engineer from the Netherlands, has been plugging away on his Human Birdwings project for many, many months now, and his latest breakthroughs are absolutely worthy of a peek.” - Engadget (25th dec)

“Thanks to Jarno Smeets for everything, we also want his dream came true, and help the whole human kind in our flying dream.” - The Tech Journal
(26th dec) 

“Flying has always been one of mankind’s greatest dreams, and the one that has eluded him the most. If you’re talking about aeroplanes [...] you’re discounting the essence of the dream, because the entire plan was to be able to fly on one’s own, right? That guy may not have reached his ultimate goal still, but it’s fair to say that he’s started well and is definitely on course.”
Technology Tattle (26th dec)

 And let’s not forget to mention my friend the House Hold Hacker. He featured me in his favorite section just before Christmas. Thanks HHH!



4 thoughts on “Sharing my flying dream

    • Happy New Year to you too!
      Thanks for all your support, input and feedback on the project!

  1. Read about your project on Engadget and will be excitedly following your progress Jarno! Can’t wait to see what the finished wings will look like :-)

    • Hey Carrie! Thanks for the props. It was a great surprise that Engadget picked it up. The support by you and other readers/followers is a great motivator. I’ll try to keep you up to date the best I can!