Podcast about my project

Three geeks who call themselves Three’s a Quorum made a great podcast about ‘the least important news of the day’, and my project is one of the items they talk about. It’s fun stuff to listen to.  So here it is.

Here’s the bit where they talk about my Human Birdwings project.
Three is a Quorum about Human Birdwings (click it, and it will play)

And here is the original link: http://3aq.tumblr.com/post/16799334255/ep-3-hawkmen-attack


4 thoughts on “Podcast about my project

  1. Hey man!!!! Great thing you did there!!! I hope that the woman on the “Three’s a Quorum” podcast see this last video!!! congratulations!!! and believe me, if we all knew to dream like you have we would all be pretty much closer to achieve the dream of flying on our own!!!

    keep on going!!!

  2. This is radio personalities commenting on things they do not understand. This is totally feasible and not a dream. You are on the edge of a great accomplishment, do not stop. I can help, contact me.

  3. You need to get an update on the podcast now that the human flight wings have been a success . I want to hear that woman eat her word as she was mocking your dream prior .