Learn from the birds

After my first testrun I had to reconsider my take-off techniques. A lot of people have commented on the way my wings move and my running; the AoA of the wings would not have been ideal and the position of my body too much a contraproductive angle.

But ever since the beginning of this project I have been watching these guys, the albatrosses. They have this similar style of flapping their wings and an unsteady body movement, and still they get into the air (after some training!).

Important to keep in mind is the big difference between men and birds, the human body has a big difference in locomotion. To be able to able to fly in the same way as birds do, we should learn another way of moving our bodies. Even young birds  are not yet equal in control of their wings. In contrast to other animals being able to walk instantly after their birth, it takes considerably longer for young birds to able to fly. For them it is also a process of learning and practising.

Prof. Bert Otten commented some time ago on the video below:

“Super! Especially the shots in which they show they want to be lifted by their own wings. They show it by their head movements, it seems”.

In my opinion this quote summarizes the issue very well. Just like birds, humans have to amplify their locomotion to get control and get familiar with their new body expansion; The Wings. In my conception this is something which is independent of any hardware of software problem.

Look below how young albatrosses are learning to fly and see how they manage to get lifted after a frustrating struggle with gravity.


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  1. Hey! Continue no projeto, meu sonho de criança é poder voar com asas e com o meu próprio bater de braços. Vejo você como “Santos Dumont 2″ Isso é incrível, a cada projeto dele ele fazia vídeos surpreendentes. E quando o 14 BIS voou pela 1ª vez! Foi fantástico, o mundo aplaudiu e se esse projeto for adiante para o mundo com certeza será lembrado. Quando tiver no mercado me avise quero ser o primeiro a comprar rsrsrs. Parabéns.

  2. Hello, I am 13 years old and was thinking about these days as it would be possible to fly the man, and as always contraptions invented by the simple desire to create, I decided to be the first person to fly (childhood dream), but took it seriously and makes one week I’m researching aerodynamics and flying animals and from one day to another I was curious if someone had already invented something and I saw you on the internet and I imprencionado with his invention. I wish he could teach me about their work, aerodynamic, what principles utilisol, how did you make the measurements. There are many questions I have. Please take this very seriously. I’m from Brazil, so it’s dificio communication. Thank you, Mikael.
    PS: I was thinking about the aerodynamics of the bat.

  3. bravo wonderfull. Tres belle reussite pour cette machine ou tout est ingenieux le mecanisme la legerete des ailes et de la motorisation et surtout le controle du battement par accelerometre ,encore bravo en esperant que vous aller continuer a la devellopper pour la vendre prochainement dans le commerce. Merci pour cette belle realisation

  4. Epic comment WIN !!! i want them wings too,well folded in my backpack,and on my way to the great outdoors,for the cost of less than 1 000 USD of course :)

    GODSPEED my friend,making 1/2 of humanity’s dream come true

    **now i know the answer to the question,do dreams come true*

  5. Wow man…so this is all fake…How can you play with peoples dreams like that? 8 months with a very well built lie…shame on you.

  6. NOw, i want to hug you, for a long time, hardly.
    Please, keep this encouragement for your dark moments. Me, People like me, onironauts that want their dream come in this world, are hoping every night, and every day, for you to win an award, or something of that kind. I would like to became a part of this dream, studying birds and such.
    Just, dont let the wind take you down!

    A Black Feathered Creature.

  7. I can say only that if you will put model like this on Ebay I will buy one you will change flying.

  8. send me the takeoff””””s of the design l’d like to try this i have had a design for a pvc pipe wing and powered airframe that is sectional and can be asembled ti a short time and carried in a small teailer behind a car curious to see if i can get any lighter of a system to fork i have no working model as of yet but hope to do so i know pvc pipe wing frame structuer sounds too light to support but i figure styofoam and aluminum tube inaerts will strenghin it

  9. It’s wonderful, congratulations and my best heartfelt wishes for you. Dreamt this when I was younger, to run like hell and flap my arms. Sometimes I would take off sometimes I wouldn’t.
    Remember what Lilienthal once said, “Fahrt ist das halbe Leben”. I think this is also
    true for birds, so be safe.

    Best regards

  10. Congratulations, Jarno!
    Your fly was amazing. I saw the Icaro`s dream become a reality. Go ahead. Believe in your dream. You can fly.

  11. Hey pople wake up!!! This is a scam artist! A guy who got the piss out of you silliy hoax believers! Embarrasing….

  12. (aquest comentari està escrit en català. Podeu traduir-lo al neerlandès amb google.translate).

    Moltes felicitats, per l’èxit, per la capacitat tècnica, per l’alegria del moment i, sobretot, per la teva imaginació, llibertat, tenacitat. Tant de bo puguis millorar el disseny, tal i com dius, i volis sobre els somnis de tantes persones que pensem que la Humanitat necessita Pensament, i no guerra!.
    Una sincera i càlida abraçada, des de Catalunya.

  13. Your efforts resulted in something amazing. This is truly the coolest thing I’ve seen since I was a boy watching the Apollo missions with my father. You are a gift to our kind. Thank you.

  14. How much money will they cost if you sell them? Because it is my dream to fly. You should also try and make some with a feathered pattern on it so that they would look more like bird wings, And if you sell them pleas make them available in the U.S. specifically Washington. :)

  15. wonderful man!!! it had been my dream to fly like this!! i wish ur effort becomes easily available for everyone like me to similarly fly like that one day!!!

  16. super! Tu imaginacion y tu creatividad estan cruzando los limites de aplicacion de la ciencia y la tecnologia! Te felicito por todo lo que tu estas haciendo, en un simple taller hogareño, cuando se tienen ganas y determinacion para hacer algo y se cuenta con los conocimientos, se puede llegar muy lejos.
    Nos has demostrado a todos que se puede volar!

  17. If the production of this newly released video of mankind’s first ever successful flapping-winged flight entailed NO image manipulation trickery, Mr.Jarno has single-handely made aviation history, and with quick patent protection, stands to become one of the richest men alive.

    Mr. Jarno, call CNNor Sky News to film another flight, and you will need crowd control to handle the scrum of investors beating down your front door.

  18. If this is real it is wonderful! Every man wants to fly, I fly airplanes but to have my own wings really excites me! Thanks for sharing. I’m 73 but I would give it all I could muster up to fly.

  19. Amazing! Any chance that you will do a demonstration at the Oshkosh Air Adventure Airshow this year?

  20. Uau !! Parabéns pela conquista…. o que foi falado acima, realmente é importante… tome cuidado, pois o “sistema” não vai te deixar tranquilo….. Moro no Brasil, e quero parabenizá-lo pela conquista. Vc está pensando em comercializar esta sua invenção logo ? Gostaria de ser um dos primeiros aqui no Brasil em te ajudar a divulgar esta conquista… Abraços !!!

  21. Hey Jarno,
    Your work is pushing the limits that we only cross in our dreams…I wish you the very best in your efforts to make our dreams a reality. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help with your work!
    Tony G

    • Yeahhh… If we can help we will do!! It is just AMAZING… it was like a dream coming true in your hands… just amazing!!! The very best in your efforts Jarno!!!

  22. Amazing! thank you for pursuing a dream so many of us have. But you, YOU follow through. Your Ancestors are proud of you I’m sure. Please keep up (no pun intended, but it does fit well) the great work, I will follow your progress and pray for your safety.

    David Asher.

  23. Thats clearly is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Man, you must have all sorts of arm strength. Congrats on making the impossible possible.

  24. hello, my name is jonas hertz (yes relative to sir heinrich hertz) so naturaly creativity is in the blood. i have been building things that fly and never really thought about a wing flight like a bird. now i can get it out of my head. i have so many ideas , and i don’t think i’m going to rest until i build one my self. just for personal use. i hope its not infringing on any copy rights or patents. thank you for raising the bar in aviation.i hope to be in contact in the future. have a grateful day!

  25. This had better be real. Some pretty smart people are saying otherwise. I want to believe.

  26. If I can believe what my eyes see, you just achieved what 30 millions years of evolution couldn’t achive!

    What’s your name again? I guess we’ll have hard time not hear it in the coming times…

  27. I was thrilled to see the video. At the end you made ​​the feat seem too thrilled. After all is something that many people sought the centuries, many even lost their lives by playing the hills, and everything else. It seems trivial, but it shows that when the human being has the opportunity, time and talent, overcomes his apparent physical limits and ingenuity. I wish everyone had one day to create these opportunities for things to improve the lives of all and also to move us in a way. God bless you ..

  28. Just great! Patent it and develope to squize wings inside sth like backbag. You will answer many people dreams to fly as a bird. I would use it to move between my jobs :)

  29. Your next flight should include multiple GoPro Hero2 cams. Looking; at the mechanics, along the wings, at the tail, etc.

    Also, you should get a MultiRotor camera system to follow and document the flight as well. Great job!

  30. YaHuW Savior said, Mat 17:20 “He said to them, “…For most assuredly I tell you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.”

    aHleleuWYAH (Praise be to YAH) for those that have enough faith and enough of a heart that they can dream like a child dreams… truly nothing is impossible if we have faith and actions of faith!!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your actions of Faith with the world!!!!!!!

  31. Jarno, continue your efforts no matter what!!! Do not pay attention to critics, they don’t have the balls to do what you are doing. Your achievements will last for eternity. Nothing can stop you now. “Without deviations from the norm, progress is not possible.” Frank Zappa. Good luck…

  32. Keep hearing that Tom Petty song as I watch this! (learning to fly) Fantastic… Would be awesome to capture your vitals/beat per minute ratios to project longest possible sustained flight – could be routed to a heads up display with altimeter, combination flight recorder/”rest advisor”… Could the wings be locked to assume a paraglide configuration at a given height? Congratulations on an amazing innovation…

  33. Wow! This is so kool. Please hurry up and patent, improve the design and mke this affordable and available for the public. I so want to try this!!!!

  34. Congratulations on achieving something so magnificent; for capturing once again our childhood dreams of flight; and for bringing home the concept and proof that, when Man puts his mind to it, he can achieve anything. The sky is no longer the limit, Jarno.

    I may not be able to fly as you did but the exhiliration of watching you is priceless. YOU are now a hero of mine; of everyone!

  35. I say oh wow! congratulations you are beautiful and keep it up ,I’m sure that this is not the only project you have in mind and if there is one more I know you can make it come true

  36. Awesome!! So very cool. I can’t wait untill you perfect this . Truly amazing. I want to try it!! thanks. you deserve to be famous.

  37. FR makes an awesome point. Get it out of the reach of the people in power. Thanks for having the brains and determination to make this a reality mate! Fullfill dreams! Legend!

  38. Unbelievable ! A true engineering breakthrough. I can imagine a whole flying school with hundreds of people airborne flapping away! Magical ! Flying parties, flying tourism over Niagara Falls, Uluru, and rainforests it would be awesome.

  39. Magical is the only word that comes to my mind as i watch you take off with your wings. Keep up the awesome work. And let us know if you ever make it publicly available. :)

  40. This made my day. After watching your second attempt flight video I could feel your excitement. How long do the batteries last? What is the longest flight you hope for in the future?

  41. Congratulations Jarno and the team !

    this is every persons dream to fly like a bird, and now it is possible because of you. !

  42. Any plans to make the wings fold? Will they be safer than a hand glider? Will you be able to ride thermals? Stall speed?
    The wings look great! Congrats!

  43. I was the kid with card board wings strapped to her arms until she was twelve, futilely trying to fly off of wooden pallets and trees. I’ve been contemplating this very same idea for a long time but never had the funds or training to even begin such a project. Please continue and let our childhood dreams come true.

    Sadly I couldn’t grow up to be a velociraptor, but perhaps I could at least fly with my own wings.

  44. Extremely well done! To bad most of us nerdy people won’t be able to sustain such effort for a long time. So, please cover the wings with these ultra thin solar cells (http://news.stanford.edu/news/2010/september/nanoscale-solar-cells-092710.html) so that they feed light weight batteries (http://www.electravia.fr/LiPo.php)
    powering some EAP based artifical muscles (http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/lommas/eap/EAP-armwrestling.htm) and then serious fun will begin!
    Again, well done!

  45. I love you for making my dream come true. Now, put a patent on it and make sure someone has copies of everything you’ve done. If something should happen to you, release all the info to the public so we can honor you by continuing the project. I just don’t trust the government and people in power. Your invention is threatening to some powerful folks out there and I don’t want them to win this time. After you succeed with the details, figure out how to make the wings fold and how to make it affordable to everyone.
    “I believe I can fly!!!”…..

  46. Wow! That’s all I can say. I remember when i was a child, I read a book about a kid who received a magic vial from a man which, when he rubbed a drop of the contents on his shoulders, gave him wings. The story was of how he would fly around at night and the sights he would see.
    I hope you continue you pursue this and figure out a way to get it working so that one can automate the flapping so that people can use these wings for flights around their neighborhood parks or even on short trips without having to continuously flap.
    I’m disabled and would love to be able to fly with wings like these. I would gladly buy some if I thought I could physically operate them. So please, keep working on them and keep me in mind once you get them finished to where you can make more of them. and please see about finding a way for people to control them without having to use too much physical strength, perhaps a battery pack doing the flapping for you when you start them off.
    Best Regards,

    steve mcmahon

    PS: I’m going to search for this video on youtube and put it on my blog because it’s so cool!

  47. Jarno – kudos for your open-forum as you develop your idea! It’s a hard road accepting comment, both useful and caustic. Consider the Wright brothers who basically hid themselves at Kitty Hawk during development, and again in Ohio as they entered the commercial phase of their invention. Contrasted with Langley, a significant competitor in the task who was more in the public eye.

    Also – Kudos for developing your idea around the concept that intuitive (organic) control of a flapping wing is a necessary component of flapping flight.

  48. -I think,
    at first flying attempts it is lighter to keep vertical body position.

    the mans legs are heavy and are good for balans stearing\as Liliental and old rigidwings flyers das\