Human Birdwings on WIRED

 These days I have been mainly focused with fixing details of the wings. So, you might have missed my regular updates? A digital friend actually wrote me wether I am still doing ok? I can tell you that I am!

First, thanks to all who have sent me very useful technical advise & help! It helped me refocus on what needed to be done after the first testflight. 

So, while having my coffee this morning I had some time to cruise the net again. And look what I found on WIRED!
(check picture –>) 

It is written by Rhett Allain, an Associate Professor of Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, and he applied some calculations based on the measurements of my wings and plotted them in a graph, like the one below.

You might want to check these out!



3 thoughts on “Human Birdwings on WIRED

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  2. “So, 7 meters. That sounds about right. And what about the mass? Let me just ballpark it at 10 kg for the wings and stuff. That would make the mass of the person plus wings at around 80-85 kg.”

    some correction=
    =mass=20+80 kg
    =surface=18 qm,\Jarnos data\
    =span=10-12 m,\probably\