Fanmail! Helping hands for my human birdwings

I’ve received some great tweets this week. I got some great input! Thank you all for that.

This weekend we will be testing the turnigy motors with the HTC module. Check my Youtube channel later this weekend for new material.

I also got this nice surprise mail by a nice girl called Floor! She’s writing her psychology master on dreams, and how people act on that. Great stuff! Because i’m actually working on making a dream come true. She wants to interview me and help a little.

With theĀ  extra helping hands the hard work will fly!

Here is the mail she wrote:

Hi Jarno

Thanks for responding on my tweets on Twitter! I wonder if you are still looking for volunteers, because I really want to help you with your project!

You’ve seen my blog of the project I am working on myself. I am doing research in dreams and human behavior. Do you like to help me with my project by answering some questions about your dreams?

I like to do the interview in real-life, because I found out that most people don’t like to tell a lot of personal dream-stories on twitter or by e-mail. In exchange I want to help you with your human birdwings-project.

I don’t know a lot about technical stuff but I am photographing a lot and I recently started filming too. Maybe I can also help you filming?

One important thing: I don’t want to be a test-person. I am afraid of great hights… sorry :( .

Floor Pietersen



One thought on “Fanmail! Helping hands for my human birdwings

  1. Hy,Jarno!
    my greate congratulations for that kinde of butifulle Helper!
    \with good english too\…

    I think,She can bee the Angel in Yours project!