You guys might have been wondering, what has Jarno been up to?

The wing mechanism have been taken apart for detailed fixing. The freezing cold inside my workshop brought the risk of damaging the mechanics, so I decided to disassemble it. Sa after the first testflight I have spent time giving it some ‘tender love and care’. As you can see on the pictures below, the wingfabric is torn in some places. For now I’m quick-fixing it with duct tape. In the meanwhile thinking about a better solution.

Another reason nothing special has been happening is that The Netherlands have been covered with snow since the beginning of february. Which was a pity because I felt really anxious to try a second time with my wings. Anyhow, I have taken my time to relax, enjoy some iceskating and working on the wings.  The passed couple of days the snow has melted away, so when the sun shines there might be some opportunities to fly coming up.


8 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Sorry not buying this. I don’t know of any bird that uses lateral movement to “flap” it’s wings, they all use a vertical based movement to initiate takeoff and sustain flight.

    I can see in your photos that the table laid out with various components shows what appears to be the device installed in the center of the wing. This device shows two really small motors and no means of moving your wings in a vertical motion. If these small motors really do propel the wings then naturally you would see space for this in the design of the aluminum housing, which it does not. The housing shows your leading edges attached in a lateral method, meaning, if these two really small motors have the power to provide lift, then they would need the space to move up and down and not lateral….basically.

    Also I note in your videos and photos that critical components of your design and engineering are either blurred or washed out, when only the shots of your wing on the ground appear in focus…..what is that?

  2. Hi Jarno, although I’m a future “competitor” of yours with my own (very different) design, I have to congratulate you for your efforts, I recognize your genuine spark to be creative and original! Keep up and good luck!

  3. Ufff=all rigt!
    Jarno=can you change flying position from horizotal to semivertical?
    \better balance possibility by legs mooving \