Materials, materials, materials….

So.. two weeks ago I finished my 3D sketches. Well, sort of. I made some adjustments in the sketches after finding out that some parts weren’t available in the size I calculated in my design. Not a big problem, because its all about the weights of course. And my estimations in weights were all quite right.

The next step was finding all the parts and materials I need in order to build wingsurface and mechanical powerexpansion . To be honest, that wasn’t all so easy, being on a rather tight budget. So I had to find the best bargains. I’m sure I have seen pretty much all the electronic shops in the Netherlands. I’ve also visited big clean up sales of factories and some old study mates supplied me with some materials.

The motor I'm going to use

Most of the mechanical and electronical parts I found on the web. Ebay is a good source, but the shop I felt like a kid in a candy store was Hobbyking. Such an amazing diversity of lightweight gear and all very affordable. This is also the place I found my Turnigy motors, batteries and speedcontrollers, which are going to help powering my wings. Unfortunately these are in backorder at the moment, a bit more patience…

In a few days I will post a film of all the materials I found, stay tuned!


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