Location scouting

This weekend the weather was perfect! Dry but cool, slightly above freezing temperature, no wind, sunshine and crisp grass.

I feel ready for the first test with the wings! So I went out to check up on my three favorite locations in The Hague to see what possibilities I have to do the first trial runs. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but thank god there is Google Earth.

Beach (Strand bij Duindorp)
Pros: unlimited space, soft fuzzy stuff to fall in, best with North or South wind, easy transport (parkinglot)
Cons: Too strong wind for my wings most of the day (would have to go realy early), sand might mess up the mechanical propulsion system.

Park Westbroek
Pros: grass, enough space for a little hop in the air, easy transport, best with North-North-West or South-South-East wind
Cons: water all around, trees, birds (how ironic that sounds!), dogpoo

Pros: dry grass, nice grip for shoes, best with South-West wind, easy transport
Cons: turbulence because of surrounding trees and forest on North East side, dogpoo, traffic (in case I succeed to take off


2 thoughts on “Location scouting

  1. Great!
    Congratulating! You achieved my dream:)
    I have study the flapping flight for a while, but I have not make a real thing about it. I have watched your video carefully, observed that the pattern of your flapping is caught the key of flapping flight, your wings need some improvement。

  2. Park Westbroek ?
    =horisontal,flat “aerodrom”?

    =zero wind? =when take-off!
    Good luck,Henryk.

    BTW=can we made the excurtion from Krakow to You\ Haag\?