interview with HUMO

This tuesday (28th feb) an article about my project and my flying dream got published in the Belgian weekly HUMO. The picture they took is awesome. They made me look like batman! It’s written in Dutch. So all Dutch speaking and reading fans out there, check it out. A part of this article is available online too: Jarno bouwt zijn eigen vleugels.


5 thoughts on “interview with HUMO

  1. hello , I am so crazy about flying machine ,just like you ! I come from china , and now i am a college major is math , I think we can talk a little about your design,because i think we just need change a little about the design ,which will make it more easy to me via the email adress above.PLEASE!

  2. Nice video. I can’t believe your video capture be able to attract so many people in a very short period of time. It’s interesting topic – human flying like a bird. There were a story about Sisyphus that Albert Camus describe the story as archetypal absurd hero. But your video is really inspiring….

  3. I always thought that no a single material purpose was interesting for me, other than the search for the absolute.

    You make me doubt that all my life has really to be about this. Maybe my search for the absolute is the fear to miss a material goal, an experience that I wouldn’t like. Or the fear that any goal one reaches, it will always be just for some moments.

    But watching you flying hits me in the inside. What you did is just beautiful to see, there’s nothing to explain about it: a basic experience of freedom.

    In my mind I find no real interest in your effort. But my heart REJOYCES!!!!

    Thank you. Best of luck.