Found grandpa’s old sketches

I asked my mother to look for the sketches of the flying bicycle my granddad once designed. After a long search she found them in the attic! Only 3 left unfortunately..

As a child I was always very intrigued by these drawings, back then I really believed that my granddad would once be able to fly on this bike. Later on I realised that this would never be possible, it was his naive, childish fantasy. The images of his flying bike always have been floating around in the back of my mind. For this reason my grandpa is still my biggest inspiration for starting this ‘Human Birdwings’ project. My dream about flying started because of his sketches. So I’m really happy my mother found these. Wondering where all the other drawings went, I’m quite sure there were much more!


6 thoughts on “Found grandpa’s old sketches

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  2. WOW, I am 60 + years and this is as close to the true dream of flying as I can imagine. I will need electric assisted even for lift off but keep this dream alive, thanks.

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