Flying like a bird

I did it! This weekend I brought out my wings again for a second test. And here it is. Do I need to say more? Just watch the video


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  1. A long time ago, i wrote my entusiasm, opening my heart to this project, hopefull.

    Now i know that was all a fake for testing the way people react to such news.

    Now i have to know. Did that worth it?
    The delusion, heart breaking truth of a fake invention, only for experimenting?

    Im asking directly to the autor. I was the first of the dreamers. I was full of happyness.
    And now, the hope in humanity has sinked like Titanic. I really cant describe that feeling.

    Now how can i believe?
    You werent allowed to destroy our, my faith, like this.
    No one should.

  2. Calling this elaborate piece of fraud “an experiment in storytelling” is like calling a faked bank robbery “an experiment in confrontation.” There’s no shortage of liars in the world. False hopes and crushed dreams are abundant. You just added one more to the pile. Please go fuck yourself.

  3. At first I was skeptical. However, after I checked out all your material, I am 100% convinced that you really did it. Congratulations! You are simply brilliant in all areas of science, engineering, creativity and imagination.

    I live in Hong Kong. However, I will be taking a trip to Europe in the beginning of May. Is it possible to visit you and to film your achievement? My friend travelling with me is a professional photographer. We love to show your achievement to all the people in Hong Kong and China. Please email me. Thanks.

  4. Felicitaciones, excelentes logros, espero que siga progresando en su idea y que algún día no muy lejano podamos utilizarla el resto de la humanidad!!!.

  5. HeyI like how everyone says this is a hoax. But nobody provides any good proof that it is . He could get a Patton on it then I think people will believe it. Honestly the people doubting him will be his first f$@&ing customers and should believe. How the he’ll do you think we got all the crazy stuff we use day to day now??? EXACTLY!!!! People like this that use their time to benefit society rather than bitchin because you didn’t think of it first. Why wouldn’t this work? Anybody with a degree care to share? And please real profs only!

  6. what we learned is that some people like “still conscious” are suggesting us, live is meaningless

  7. Olá sr. Holandes!!!

    Bem, navegando pelas net me deparei com esta noticia de vc teria voado como um passaro, depois uma matéria onde vc admitia que foi uma montagem e o voo nao havia ocorrido.
    Eu analisei o video e é possivel verificar de forma simplista que o voo nao ocorreu
    não sei por que razão vc fez isso, mas gostei da sua iniciativa em relação ao vôo
    Digo isso porque eu sei que é perfeitamente possivel o ser humano voar como passaro, apenas voce naõ conseguiu porque esta na contramao do conceito de vôo.
    Caso seja do seu interresse e queira trocar alguma idéia comigo sobre voar como passaro, me mande um e-mail OK.

  8. It’s sad that it’s not real, but still, I get a little smile on my face everytime I’m watching the video ;)

    I really hope someday, that we will be able to do this some when, until then: we won’t need any signs in the sky for flying people :P

    but honestly….to all those who just have to put a “this is an hoax” or “it’s impossible stop believing it” bullshit under every comment…..guys, you really need a better hobby -.- you can’t just force people to NOT hope and NOT believe, thats just stupid! they will see early enough, that it was a fake…no need to rub it under every nose.
    And if those “mad scientists” are complaining about “their special inventions” aren’t getting the same attention….well maybe it’s because flying is something humans ALWAYS wanted,but a cooling system in africa or something similar, isn’t for everyone….

  9. Hello,

    I can give you an idea of how to improve your wings:
    You can use aerogel to fill the wings inside.
    This will make them strong and reduce the number of other constructive elements.
    “A 2.5 kg brick is supported by a piece of aerogel with a mass of only 2 grams”

    I understand though that it is damn hard to find aerogel…
    But in future this can be done.

  10. So it is all a lie!
    “Jarno Smeets” is no visionary and has achieved nothing more than some clever fakery!

    Shame on you.

  11. Well, thanks for giving me hope since my childhood then destroying. Plan B: Find a way to turn into a velociraptor.

  12. ¡Qué alegría! ¡Qué hermoso video! Jarno Smeets ha logrado realizar uno de los más grandes sueños del ser humano: volar batiendo alas como vuelan los pájaros. El sueño de Leonardo da Vinci. Realmente me puse muy contento al ver el video y al analizar los restantes videos que aparecen en este blog sobre los preparativos.


  13. This creation is 1000x better then robocop, rocketman, superman or all other other holiwood movies. I think you should make a script, hire a crew and run it. I am really more then happy to participate in the funding:).

    GREAT JOB GUYS! This is how to inspire, and who knows… someone might eventally figure this out for real!


  14. i think it is not true. Anyway i admire the great fantasy and , i think, it could be nice if you show us (on the web) as it was possible to build that movie. It was anyway nice to watch at! thanks Ps.: maybe you could find a nice fantasy_job as special effects builder… i dont known…

  15. Du arschloch!

    Sharing a dream does not mean FAKING a way to reach it! People do not need you to inspire such dreams, we already have them. What we wanted next was a way to fulfill those dreams. We thought you might be the one to figure this out but NO! You’re just another nerd with editing software.

    Thanks for nothing! I’m looking forward to seeing someone who has something real to offer the dream of flight, not more stupid hoaxes.

  16. IMPORTANT NOTE: For people still saying “it could be real”: No, it is not real, and the same flying guy confesses that IT IS NOT REAL. Check his blog:

    So repeat with me: IT IS NOT REAL.

  17. i live in Sedona, Arizona (USA).. If you are thinking you might want to expand into America… need investors etc… contact me.

  18. Parabens pelo feito, Davince comentou a 300 anos este e você voou de verdade batendo suas Asas como um pássaro o faz, e melhor ainda no pouso usou a mesma estratégia do passaro batendo suas asas como freio aerodinamico. Meus parabens. Fraiburgo Santa Catarina Brazil.

  19. E X C E L E N T E , F E N O M E N A L, F A N T A S T I CO , L I N D O ,
    M A G N I F I C O , E S P L Ê N D I D O , D E S L U M B R A N T E, enfim, parabéns! Continue evoluindo, a humanidade precisa de vc.

    • Agora,… se foi trote. Tenho pena de vc. Vais ter que acertar contas com Deus. Este não admite falhas. Nem por brincadeira. Com mentiras podes mudar o rumo da história. Uma responsabilidade muito grande para um ser humano vulnerável. Neste caso, o inferno lhe aguarda.

      • O ARREPENDIMENTO é a última porta que se fecha ao equivocado. Você ainda tem chances. Parabéns!

    • It’s a fake- you don’t even scroll down here to check??? Use your brain before posting please!

      • Thanks mister ‘still conscious’.

        Now I know it just a fake.. But so what?

        I think people stupid like me will prove to u if its going to be real.. Just wait a moment and u know who the most stupid person who don’t belife this dream..coz this is so simple if we see the history of robot until now…

      • Ok before you make anymore judgment calls watch the other videos.

        My congrats to the inventor I think he has made the holy grail (I’m not religious) Well done! keep up the good work!

  20. I don’t even really mind if this was faked or not. You make me so happy, and every time I watch it I get the same feeling. It’s a small measure of hope in a world that seems increasingly bleak for me. Thank you so much.

    • It makes you happy to be decieved? Hope in the world from cheating??? Please explain that nonsense!!!!????

      • The videos, regardless of whether ‘possible’ or not, are undeniably full of hope and excitement/cheer. They are more inspiration than reality, perhaps, in this case, but inspirational nonetheless. Beautiful execution and wow am I happy to have a video on the internet that looks just like a man succeeding to fly, that I can look back to whenever I’m down. In a world full of people cheating others out of their rights, gaining importance via greed and power, and in a more personal sense, a world that is confined almost utterly to the four walls around me, to see this is a breath of fresh air. Thanks again.

        • Ok understand. If you see it as a dream- and many people have that dream, then it is indeed inspiring. Sorry if I have been harsh. My argument was just how easy people believe what they want to believe and therfore can be decieved- also by terrible idiologies…

      • Stop being a dick!!! It’s cool man leave it be awesome that humans fly with wings. You’re a douche and this is the last your going to hear of me because I have a life other than slamming D-bags and guess what I’m busy with life. Thankfully this took 2-mins. P.S this video is Awesome

  21. Wow! Looks incredible!so incredible that it is hard to believe it is true. You should make someone else try it. May be a celebrity. So that it will be no doubts about it. If it is true it is the most amazing event I saw in my 33years of life.

    • Are you real or just stupid?? It’s such a clear hoax and if you just take a minute and scroll down this section you will see….

      • Dear still conscious,

        Leave people the fuck alone. Your griping is seriously annoying. People can believe what they want if they want to, and people can enjoy something if they really want to, Even if they know it’s fake.

        stupid is what stupid does. you going around and being horrendously annoying makes you the fucking stupid one. seriously. what got your panties all in a bunch? hm?

        You’re probably just some stupid ass troll anyway. Have you tried riding this thing? are you this person? just because science says something isn’t true/isn’t possible doesn’t always make it right. For fucks sake, science has proved itself wrong multiple times.

        I don’t know if this is real or not, but the only thing I’m concerned about now is that there’s a fucking loser that has nothing else to do but go around calling people idiots.

        good day sir.

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  23. There is a difference between fictional writing and lying, and you lied. May be you did not know, but integrity is a foundation of life. You have just destroyed yours.

    • I understand, and share some of your frustration and disappointment. Maybe the following video of a REAL, flapping, flying robot bird will cheer you up a little:
      “Plenty of robots can fly — but none can fly like a real bird. That is, until Markus Fischer and his team at Festo built SmartBird, a large, lightweight robot, modeled on a seagull, that flies by flapping its wings. A soaring demo fresh from TEDGlobal 2011.”

  24. At first I was skeptical. However, after I checked out all your material, I am 100% convinced that you really did it. Congratulations! You are simply brilliant in all areas of science, engineering, creativity and imagination.

    I live in Hong Kong. However, I will be taking a trip to Europe in the beginning of May. Is it possible to visit you and to film your achievement? My friend travelling with me is a professional photographer. We love to show your achievement to all the people in Hong Kong and China. Please email me. Thanks.

    • I just hope your not one of those Chinese who takes pictures of the real thing, imitates them and sell ‘em for cheap

  25. esta es la demostracion de que para los ingenieros nada es imposible, y de que con perseverancia y esfuerzo se pueden lograr grandes cosas , solo puedo decir gracias ,por que despues de ver esto amo mucho mas la ingenieria.

    • Esta es la demonstracion que siempre hay gente muy estupida que creen todo! Es falso!! Claro???

    • Si fueras ingeniero comprenderias que por simple ecuacion es imposible que esto no sea fake

      se peude volar? si de esta forma? no

      y por cierto dejen de por como ejemplo eso de que ek abejorro es imposible que vuele y vuela obviamente quien afirma eso no sabe de fisica

    • Really? Fox news? You think Fox News is good reporting?
      Just because “Lakshmi Sankar” hasn’t found a solution to the flying problems, doesn’t mean others haven’t.

  26. I truly believe this works! I’d so be down to try it!! You think you’ll be selling more like it? :)

  27. This guy has made most peoples dream come true. I was thinking about flying last week. Jamo Smeet has actually done it. Well done Jamo. I hope you can make a better one and fly like a bird. xx/;o)xxxxx>

  28. I wanted to believe this. I really did. When I saw that video of the “flapping machine” that seemed to be built out of Lego mindstorms but was somehow capable of flapping hard enough to lift an adult I started to doubt. Like any magician, you convinced us to look at the elaborate wing movements rather than at the flimsy construction that really couldn’t flap hard enough to lift a loaf of bread. I was also bothered by the sudden camera “jerk” at the critical moment where you got airborne. Popular Science and others came along later to put me out of my misery by pointing out that this was a hoax. I enjoyed it nonetheless!

    Good (CGI) work and good job getting me to drool over the possibility I could go down to the local sporting goods store in a year or two and buy myself a pair of wings. Yes fooling people can be called mean and cruel but getting people to stop and think what if isn’t such a bad thing even if I don’t totally agree with your methods.

    At this point, you should really modify your site to focus on the CGI and how you made it look real.

    • Ok before you make anymore judgment calls watch the other videos.

      My congrats to the inventor I think he has made the holy grail (I’m not religious) Well done!

  29. I am from Bolivia, and this is my dream too. I hope I can sell or ship, the truth I am very happy that you have made my dream come true and I hope to fly well before I die. Please, if is for sale let me know right away that I buy all you can. Greetings.

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  31. This is not a hoax! He used a fictional persona in case it really worked, so he can say it was a hoax to avoid copyright lawsuits. I think it is a cover up, he did fly and now the world wants what he has. He used this tactics to protect his work and himself.

  32. Amazing ! congratulations ! from Argentina. Like Wrigth brothers, big projects can do it, with smart,, and inspirational people.

  33. Magnificent! but when are you going to put it on sale? lenders need to produce it? the response of my friends to your video was “I want one”

  34. … so my idea of fisic goes to hell …
    Please, help me to built up this “wings_device” !
    ps: anyway thank you (really_and_sicerelly) ’cause for a second (i’m a idiot) i dreamt to have those wings !

  35. I’m sad to know that people like you waste their time and money with games of this type, deceiving people. But a lie like this can not be sustained for a long time though. If you’re an engineer it is a shame because I think after that you will lose your credibility.

  36. I can’t believe this works; but if it does, it is extremely dangerous; you have very little extrados, you are at risk of crashing at every second. Take care.

  37. It’s indeed quite frightening how many naive people believe such a blatant hoax, which contradicts the most basic laws of physics…please use your brain before posting and creating such a hype….

    • Ist this an April Joke?
      When not, just think a little bit of itś possible to build greater Machine like this One.
      Iḿ flying with Paragliders, And the Hanggliders we see in our
      nearest Airspace are not far away from the Construction Principles of Birds and Humanbirdwing.
      Today the People don think it is possible to fly with these “Parachute” hundrets of KMś an many hrs.
      Iḿ wondering that they are so stupid, but they are.

  38. Ok for all u fucktards out there its fake he even admitted it but if he cud some how attach the wings to a base jumping suit add drag and jump off a high place to prove its him and it works then I might consider it possible until then keep foolin the tards but me well I’m a lot smarter than u coz I wudnt of even tried to fool people by flappin my arms….f n moron u cud of used better material to and a even sided design that actually pulls the. Tips in like real wing genius but hey u did sucker a lot of peps…poor fools…lol but keep trying and think about my suit idea

  39. Hi everyone.

    Stop believing this guy. I used to believe strong and debated myself whether this was true or not…. Until today. Just read this: there’s no project, no real wings, not even his name (Jarno) is real. All of it was a hoax, an experiment in online media from an artist and animator to trick people.

    The hoaxer confesses himself on TV:

    I know this will heartbreak a few dreamers just like it happened to me, but better later than ever.

    • Ist this an April Joke?
      When not just think a little bit of itś possible to build Grater.
      And there are other RC Controlled Machines that are flying like a bird.
      For me it where a really good Innovation to build Hanggliders that are better foldable and having wings that are more variable to the Air like Wings that birds having. And it would be great not to have an extra Propeller to Start in the Thermal. Because of the Wing that is making this.
      At this Moment, we don speak of flying with Musclepower.
      But if it is Working with extrapower from Akkucells and the Aerodynamiks of the wing are good we can slow the extrapower down to a Minimum Point.
      And if we had gain enough Atitude, we can fly with the Thermals, like Birds, Paragliders, Hanggliders and Sailplanes do.
      That would be an Projekt I would start!

  40. As long time into the persuasion & communication business I can read in your face, see in the video and hear in your talking, that this is as fake as it can get. Great fake, but holding back your amusement over the scam was easy to see & hear. ;)

  41. Awsome, just awsome. But still, is it real?
    After kiting for a few years now these wings are like a dream come true but also hard to believe
    Reading all the comments i hope its not an early april joke, can you convince me with posting a better video or explenation?

  42. Very nice! It must be a great feeling of freedom of fight and accomplishment at the same time.
    As some people already mentioned, you’ve just set a milestone in engineering and aviation. It may not be very well recognized now (as it happened to other pioneers in the past), but it will have a big impact in the future for sure.
    Just be careful don’t let anybody take ownership of it away from you guys.
    Big CONGRATULATIONS from Spain!!

  43. Hoax, eh, Mr. Floris Kaayk? Not cool. Very well done videos (that being your expertise), but how depressing.

  44. Thank you, you’re an inspiration. Please opensource your design specifications. Thank you.

  45. Wonderful accomplishment, but next time, you need to call a TV station (I would think they’d be jumping at the chance) so they can film it and there will be no doubt (beyond the usual crazies).

  46. i hope this is not a fake and this is a real thing even if i’m pretty sure it’s fake i secretly hope it’s real

  47. espectacular el video me dejo sin palabras, ¡el sueño mas antiguo del hombre es realidad!!!! , he visto los 14 videos que encontre en google referente al aparato volador y me gustaria ver si le omnicoptero que soño Da vinci es capas de volar mas tiempo, y ver mas detalles de la construccion de los controles… exitos por su gran logro

  48. I think you’ve gained many detractors who cite several inconsistencies regarding aerodynamics and physics. If you could post more video showing the running take-off landing and full head cam video it may go a long way towards addressing doubts.

  49. Seems to me the shadow goes away on take off, and it seems there is an attempt to hide this with someone getting in the way of the shadow at take off.

    Why does the shadow go away? CGG could be the answer.

    Also wings don’t fill with air.

  50. Ok, so you have half the world shouting that the video is fake. Which let´s be honest it is´nt the greates video for starters. Then the press is investigating Jarno and saying that he does´nt exist. And you have go radio silent. Feeding the burner.

    What gives??

  51. A lot of people and websites are claiming it is fake. Can you release the unedited footage please? You can upload it as just a long movie, or several movies, or perhaps a zip of movie files on a site like I think it is important because this is a rather historical achievement.

  52. I think; just thinking about the wings are flapping but i guess you need the speed of flapping from a libelle and the power from a eagle, i think you move just enough winding to cool a body down and not to lift a body up, there is a lot of money and intelligents, i guess youre now aressted by the fbi dea and the military to make some more of those human body wings with assaultment and body shields, if i could advise you get a copyright ;)

  53. Awesome!!! Congratulations man, you did it! So simple and so hard, the all-time all-people dream make true!!! Things like this bring me back the faith in mankind!!!

    Keep on flying!!!!

    • Ahaha. Apparently this might be a fake. Well, their arguments are valid, but as one of those folks that routinely embraces madness as a sport of pleasure, I think I will choose to give a cold shoulder to physics for a while and let your artwork inspire me.

  54. “There will never be a bigger plane built.” — A Boeing engineer, after the first flight of the 247, a twin engine plane that holds ten people.

    There will always be people who hold back progress trapped inside their happy bubble of how reality works for them. I decided for a pilot career because I always wanted to fly, if this is indeed real, this the most awesome invention ever; I will be getting one of these if they ever become available Good job and post more videos

  55. The video is unfortunately fake… millions of people are going to be disappointed when it gets published and confirmed

    I am almost crying because i believed in it at the beginning

    • Not moped, Segway. How did I get that mixed up?
      BTW, do you ever plan on marketing these things? Do you think it’s mass-producable? How many thousands of currency have you poured into this? What is your guesstimate on the amount that this would cost on the market?
      Sorry about all the questions. I’m excited :D
      Though not as excited as you probably are.

    • I know that triple posting isn’t nice, but one more thing.
      Why don’t you have a public demonstration of the Birdwings? That might cut the doubting Thomases’ population down to a more manageable level. And, to tell the truth, I am just a little bit skeptical. But I still believe in you, you seem like an honest sort.

  56. If you have done this you are a real inspiration for what one man ( with a little help from his friends ) and technology can accomplish. If it’s a hoax, your a pathetic klotzak. I wait to see. Tot ziens.

  57. It’s so wonderful… I’m in tears now, I can’t believe it… I have dreamed about this since childhood… and I guess half humanity has done during the last thousands of years…


  58. Epic trolling guys! another viral video to spoil our lives. thank you for making me lose more faith in humanity even more.

  59. “Show of hands, who here knows anything about aerodynamics? Where is the center of pressure on a wing? Right, 1/4 from leading edge for thin airfoil. What is used to counteract resulting torque? That’s right. Horizontal stabilizer with negative lift. Alternatively, a flying wing geometry can be used, but that has its own nuances.

    Long story short, this thing can’t fly. It doesn’t make strokes sufficient to propel it, it has aerodynamic quality of a brick, and most importantly, it has no prerequisites for stable flight. Even if it could generate sufficient lift, it’d instantly stall and fall right back down.

    Don’t be a sad statistic. Don’t fall for cheap tricks. I’m not saying flight like this is impossible. I know better. But this particular contraption cannot fly.”

  60. Basically everything he said he did before the human birdwings project (attending Coventry University, working at a variety of jobs) is fake. No one has heard of this guy. Plus, the human birdwings site is registered anonymously, which is always a suspicious sign.

    Can’t believe so many gullible idiots are out there. That thing couldn’t work (LOOK at it).

    Funny though! Well Done whoever you are – good prank.

  61. Hey guys. Good job. The project seems to be working! I’m hoping there will be a big demonstration, say a little more than a week from now?

  62. Omg! Congratulations! You finally did it. =) Conquer the world with this super-invention. Im just wondering, how long you can move your arms up and down before you will be exhausted. :/ You have to know the limits of your body. I want to know more about this system how it works :)

  63. As an engineer let me be frank, this is not how our universe works. Sadly while people here may “want to believe”. The fact is only way you are getting off the ground with those wings is being towed at about 60mph behind a car. I see no airfoil or means to create enough lift. It is a wonderful pre-April Fools joke. But please enough with fooling people who spell physics with an F. It’s not nice.

    • it’s so refreshing to know there’s another intelligent person here… so many gullible posters here who have been duped by their own lack of intelligence.

    • As someone who does not spell physics with an F but whose physics education ended unsuccessfully in first year college with the exception of popular press science journalism–as someone who was taken in by this hoax–I’d like to say that you may know much about physics but you really excell at being able to make scientists and engineers look like the arrogant eggheads the media portrays them as.

      I knew that it had been calculated that human-powered flight by flapping wings was impossible but that was not what was claimed here. The last few years have seen the development of gliding suits, small rocket-powered winged flying rigs and parasails powered into flight with fans small enough to be worn on the back. The idea that a battery powered device with large wings might get more lift than an unpowered hang glider with large wings is not exactly the same as believing in perpetual motion machines.

      But thanks for the condescension anyway. This hoaxer may have fooled many people but he has yet to call us all uneducated hicks. Luckily folks like you can fill that niche.

      • I suppose I get tired of it. Really I do. In real life I would consider myself more of a mad scientist than arrogant egghead. But what has always torn me up is the mass of media attentions this got. While real work and real science and real people trying to make the world a little better place languish in obscurity. A little CGI and a world lacking even in the basics of critical thinking. And you make millions or tens of thousands of dollars for fakery. I am tired of it, I have built real and wonderful things that have helped people, Yet nothing I will do will ever compare to a few moments of CGI bull***. Nothing I will ever create unless it hits some imaginary critical mass of humanity will ever .. ever get the notice this has. So when faced with such obvious trickery, Such blatant lie to the fundamentals of physics and engineering. and the knowledge that it will simply promote more of this. Yes, I am a little cranky , as I resign myself to the real work of making real things that really matter In obscurity forever.

        • Yeah, if only things like the automobile, the airplane, or the television would have gotten the kind of attention they deserved. Damn!

          • How about the cooling system I developed for soldiers in Afghanistan, or the system I developed for quadriplegics to give them a whole new kind of interactivity and freedom in the world? never heard of it? probly never will at this rate. Not that I am not trying mind you. At every turns I am trying to get the word out, Not that I could ever compete with this however.

        • Hey, junkyardmessiah. I feel ya! One of the hard bits (and I’m up against them too) of being a maker of new things is the limit imposed by what people broadly understand to be possible. Supposedly Tesla invented radio remote control for torpedoes and showed them at an arms show and nobody could understand what they were even looking at and so he sold none.

          This video is a work of fiction. Plain and simple. And it is a work of culture and media hacking (playing into the ignorance and deadline trigger-happyness of physics weak and confirmation addled media types) And for that media critique element it is a good (and destined to be repeated over and over) exercise.

          BUT what can YOU and I can take from this beyond frustration? I think it is this: it is worth some time to think about how our story is told. Does it have characters… a conflict, drama? How do we let people into the information in a compelling way?

          Like it or not, it makes a difference. We are story-telling animals. Our brains have a great deal of circuitry dedicated to story logic (and fight-flight logic and a dozen other departments) and those brain areas need to be fed and we ignore them at our peril. Ditto for facts and figures and reason but to proceed with just those is asking to be ignored.

          There is salvage value here. Think of it as an empty bank vault you can still profitably rob. (see what I did there? a tiny story to give this a handle ;^) – there is hope for me yet! )

          Like the laws of fysics ;^) the story telling obligation is present for all of us, like it or not.

      • I guess it had a good reason that your physics education ended unsuccessfully in first year college. Reading the abolute nonsense you write, I even wonder about the one year……Next time please think twice before posting and insulting other people who have some knowledge. physics education ended unsuccessfully in first year college

  64. Congratulations!

    Way to go man!
    Njoy your achievement & experience :)

    -pegi from Finland

  65. I never got over the film, Brewster McCloud. You are Brewster. Bless your spirit.

  66. To be honest, its a fantastic video but if i was ever going to be convinced its real then firstly i would have to see it being shown on the mass media as if this is real it would be huge…

    Secondly even if it hits the mass media, i’d rather have the man himself come to the UK or any other country where people are skeptic and publicly show to us that it is possible.

    Nonetheless its a pretty good fake.

  67. O.M.G.


    IT..IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!

    you did the stimulate on the baby engineer’s mind…

    show me the next level!

  68. You bring dream to reality! I am soooo excited when watching this video, Coolest ever! How long it will take before you can make a world tourment for this blow-minded invention? Waiting for it in Shanghai China. If you can mass produce it and sell it, I can arrange it in China, and I will be the first buyer! haha, thanks again for bringing wings to us.

  69. I really hope you accomplished something great and that this is not a hoax. My congratulations to you, be great.

  70. This what it is all about!

    Congratulations for bringing freedom to us all.

  71. yes, actually, you need to say a looooooot more. This is most certainly fake and until you do it live in front of people it will always be fake. It’s basic biology, a humans chest muscles are simply not big enough to have enough power to produce enough lift to overcome a human beings weight. This one is totally busted and you are quite pathetic to try and accept praise for doing something that any intelligent person would know you didn’t do.

  72. Well Jarno, if nothing else you’ve shown how many people there are who really really want to believe it is possible. So much so that they are willing to ignore a hell of a lot of inconsistencies and discrepancies and to buy in with such a tiny amount of evidence. A lot like a religious experience.

    And of course I am one of those who want to believe. But it’s going to take more than this fairly poor quality video. With the excitement this one has generated, it ought to be easy to get something that is a lot more convincing and verifiable done. How about it?

    • I agree with Daedelus… I want to believe it… but the truth is in the details… and this isn’t the truth…. Unless of course you can prove me wrong… but I don’t think so!

    • I liked the moment when he can put his legs along the shape of the wing :) really bird like :) but undoable …. :)

    • It is not real, it is a pre-April fools joke done as a test of how gullible people are.

  73. This was amazing. I have always, my entire life wanted to fly and to see it happen makes me happier than I ever have in years. Please share this experience.

  74. People around the world will say negative things and cry fraud. Ignore them, get the bugs worked out, then call National Geographics and Popular Mechanics!

    Good work!


  75. brain fucking people … you shall not do !!!!
    fuck your fame that’s built on nothing!
    so much time wasted to accomplish zero at all accept being a lukewarm fart of the internet …. sad for all that dreamers that believed in you’n'your shit.
    it’s a good example that crowd funding like “kickstarter” those days builds on trust and that your trust ($) can easily be fucked and raped by such idiots!
    övi is sad and does not like you at all – like i do (._.)

    “schöne neue welt”

  76. Hoihoi..

    Ik kan mn ogen echt bijna niet geloven. ik mis nog wel een belangrijk deel in t plaatje.. waar is je staart roer?

    Zou ook wel wat meer van de techniek willen zien. of heb ik nog niet ver genoeg gezocht? Kan ook hoor.

    Mn vriend heeft ewn 2300w mamba monster motor zitten in een rc auto. maae nooit gedacht dat je daarmee ook zou kunnen vliegen.

    k moet t eerst nog maar es met eigen ogen zien..

    wel gaaf gedaan op t filmpje.. respect.

  77. A true milestone. This is a grand way to honour your Grandfather and Da Vinci.
    A new chapter opens in the legend of “The Flying Dutchman”.

    Congratulations from Canada. You bring me to tears Jarno. Well done indeed.

  78. If this is true… if this is really true, You will have effectively created the single most important invention in arguably all of mankind history. The dream of manpower flight is the most prevalent accross all cultures throughout history.
    You will go down in history as the man who brought flight to his kind. It’s an achievement that will place you further ahead than any other inventor or geniuses out there, past or present. On-par with none others…
    I really pray that it is not fake for the repercussions would be devastating.
    As of now, I will go to your site EVERYDAY to know when your invention is going into full production. This is the true future of mankind. Outstanding.

  79. Wait wait wait… I can’t believe that people are not seeing the most obvious indicator that this has been faked! Take a look at the concrete walkway surrounding the pond. It is at least 20 meters to his right and he is running parallel to it upon takeoff. Then when it cuts to the “aerial” footage, the walkway is directly below the helmet cam. Then wen he lands, the walkway is again about 15 to twenty meters to the right. Eh?? It does not match… (The pilots body language at the end does not help much either!)

  80. How did he turn around after landing? After taking off NW and landing @1.00 TOWARDS NW, wide shot is showing him @ 1.03 landing and coming FROM NW (opposite direction).

  81. Honestly not quite the beliver, only because it would be so damn incredible if its actualy true!

    If so, where the heck do i transfer a large amount of money to get a unit myself?! :-P

    Kent DK

  82. Geweldig, ‘t ziet er prachtig uit. Was je niet bang om neer te storten, ‘t is toch behoorlijk hoog. Kost het veel inspanning? Je was wel aan het hijgen, of kwam dat van de spanning en van het adem inhouden ;-)

  83. There’s no way those wings would generate enough lift, but it’s a fun fake, nonetheless.

  84. Wow. Congrats. How did you know that you’d finish exactly on the 14th video? Amazing.

  85. This is truly unbelieveable and awe inspiring. I love it and hope that I will get this opportunity as well.
    Will you open source the plans to this so that others may also enjoy the skies as you have and will be?
    I have also dreamt of flying as a bird all my life. Planes are scary and skydiving is a blast and the wingsuits give a great sensation of horizontal movement, but to be able to fly by the power of your own arms…wow!
    Tell me how I can help and I will do whatever I can.

  86. All you have to do is look at the guy’s legs as he takes off and starts to fly. At first they’re dangling, but then they straighten out and follow behind him. This thing is not a hang-glider. There’s nothing holding his legs up in the air. The only thing that *would* do that is significant airspeed, which he does not have. That “pose” just looks better on-camera.

  87. What a breakthrough!!! This is completely phenomenal, fabulous, awesoooooooome!
    My goodness, this breakthrough is definitely going to change the world of flying. I am very impressed!!! …and I want one right now!

  88. How did you lift your legs up straight? There’s no harness there. Most people wouldn’t be fit enough to do that. Hmmm…

  89. Great video.

    This is obviously fake.
    You can’t tell me you can lift at least 100 kg by just flapping so slowly some cloth.
    I’m simply not buying it.

  90. Both my husband and I have had many recurring dreams of flying “on our own” in the skies above. Watching your video, one cannot help become overwhelmed with a sense of joy and wonderment as you took to the skies on your own!! Not only have you turned this into a reality, but you have given mankind a new “first”! Congratulations to you and may your success continue onward and upward!!!!

  91. If you have done this you are a real inspiration for what one man ( with a little help from his friends ) and technology can accomplish. If it’s a hoax, your a pathetic asshole. I wait to see. Tot

  92. bravo!
    felicitazioni per esserci riuscito
    un passo avanti nella tecnologia a dimensione d’uomo

  93. so unbeliveable, there is probably no words in the world that can explain how epic this is

    congratulations from sweden!

  94. Here is a remembrance of the “real deal”, the Gossamer Condor:

    The debut flight of Gossamer Condor rewrote the history of aviation and captured the world’s attention. Flight of the Gossamer Condor, Ben Shedd’s 1978 documentary of the construction and flight of the plane, won an Academy Award for best documentary, short subject. This excerpt is on view at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.

  95. I don’t know how to describe my feelings, I just make my eyes filling with tears.
    I see you flying in the sky, just like what I did again and again in my dreams.

    Stay focused, and keep going!

    Greetings from China.

  96. YaHuW Savior said, Mat 17:20 “He said to them, “…For most assuredly I tell you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.”

    aHleleuWYAH (Praise be to YAH) for those that have enough faith and enough of a heart that they can dream like a child dreams… truly nothing is impossible if we have faith and actions of faith!!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your actions of Faith with the world!!!!!!!

  97. There are a lot of skeptics that think your video is CGI. I really want to believe what I see but I too am a little skeptical. I think you need to try another attempt with a news team to hush up the naysayers.

  98. I can’t believe how many people actually believe this is possible with only human arm strength!! Not even a load of Steroid&Redbulls (Icarus cocktail) would allow this kind of non-assisted flight!!! Keep on dreaming!! :D

  99. START SELLING THESE ALREADY!!! You’re going to make incredible amounts of money man. I will DEFINITELY buy one of these

  100. I call shenanigans. As a former hang glider pilot, I see nothing in this video to convince me it’s not a fake.

    Show me the entire flight, from the ground, in a single take and I’ll say, “Maybe.”

  101. I’ll have to agree, that was truly awesome. I bet with a little more testing and some working out, soon you’ll be crossing the channel! Good luck!

  102. I hope it is not a video hoax and nice editing, because you made me cry from happiness. If this is true, you are a true genius and you just made yourself rich and changed the world.

  103. hi,Jarno!
    You rocks!
    Congrats from BeiJing China
    Since most Chinese netizen can’t read your blog
    I’ll speed some time on translating or even editing and publishing your daily journals on iBooks!
    50 million netizens would smash your little wordpress sites, be careful!
    long live Jarno!

  104. This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long while. A jaw-dropping, goose bump moment to watch. Congratulations for making Da Vinci’s dream a reality!

  105. This is definitely a hoax. You would at least need 7 or 8 HP which would result in a machine with a considerable weight, together with the batteries needed, since it all operates without sound so that we must suspect it’s all electric.
    Besides, no serious experimentator would dare to try his first flight ever (have you ever flown normal airplanes?) between trees and built-up areas. Pity, because I think this idea IS viable, provided the needed in-depth engineering.

  106. GREAT JOB!!! Congratulations… please let us know if you are planning on selling this.. (the final product or the blue print) keep us posted..

  107. Jarno, Thank you for living with passion and following your dreams!!! I just saw your 2nd test flight video and I was beaming from ear to ear with excitement for you. What an incredible feeling it must be. I have had recurring dreams of lifting off and flying just as you did in real life and I still remember the feeling; being exhilarated, fulfilled and calm all at once. I feel incredibly thrilled for you, inspired by you and impressed by you achieving your goal. The photo of you and your grandfather touched my heart. Your living the (my) dream….. and I needed to let you know.. like the butterfly effect you have moved someone in a far away place (a country town in Australia). So again thank you and happy flying, Vanessa xo

    J’ai eu les larmes aux yeux en voyant cette vidéo ! Tu es un génie !
    Félicitations de France

  109. Sorry . . . .HAHAH . . A BIG FAKE !!!!

    Watch at 0.34sec !!! abnormal movement of the legs !!!

  110. Ziet er goed uit hoor. De volgende keer even een paar andere mensen ook laten filmen van diverse hoeken. Ook maar niet een rugzak gebruiken om jezelf 20 meter hoog te laten hangen. Lijkt me niet zo fijn. Een parachute harnas lijkt me veiliger. Een betere helm ook.

    Verder klopt er natuurlijk niets van de mechaniek. Je kan niet zomaar twee van zulke grote vleugels heen en weer flapperen met een rugzak met accus en een motorje. Het koppel dat je nodig hebt is te groot. Dat kan niet zo plat. Kijk nog maar eens naar een vogel (ook de albatros). Die hebben een enorm borstbeen om hun borstspier aan vast te zetten om efficient naar beneden te kunnen trekken. En jij hangt dit ding gewoon in een rugzak? Je zou er zo uitvallen. Niet eens een band tussen je benen.

    Alles ruikt naar nep. Mocht het toch echt zijn dan is dat makkelijk te bewijzen natuurlijk. Dat is het leuke van wetenschap en techniek. Je hoeft niet te geloven. Gewoon herhalen met andere observeerders. Wel leuk gedaan hoor.


    Everything smells fake. Should it be real then that would be really easy to prove. This is the nice thing about science and technology. It’s not built on faith. Repeat the experiment with other observers. Nice job on it though.

  111. what are you advertising exactly? most people by now know it’s fake I’d just like to know what you’re selling so in the future I can make sure I don’t buy any of it.

  112. Congratulations! Excellent work! The article said that the man/pilot provided 5% of the energy, and the motors provided 95%. I’m curious to the weight of the motors and duration they can provide. For those who don’t know, a team from the University of Toronto acheived 100% human powered wing flapping flight last year. I wish you the best for your technology. With refinements I believe you will have waiting customers! Bravo on your acheivement!

  113. IM really amazed. Of course, like so many others, thousand of questions are blowing my mind now. But i really want to believe that this is true. I rad some of your writings on your blog, explaining the way you did it, looks very very real for me. Everything makes sense, but still, once it is revolutionary, its quite hard to believe.

    I´ll be following your progress, and hope to get proves that it is really a revolutionary moment that i´ve lived.

    I give you my honets respect on the project. Hope you´re not making us fool…

    Congrats from Brazil…. if real, im talking now to the man of the century!

  114. when invented the airplane, the probably felt same sensation. of course, you need to stay on inventor hall of fame.

    when tested and function, probably everyone will stay waiting to tell you: “shut up and take my money”.

    Good Luck from Brazil.

  115. when invented the airplane, the probably felt same sensation. of course, you need to stay on inventor hall of fame.

    when tested and function, probably everyone will stay waiting to tell you: “shut up and take my money”.

  116. This was just wonderful!! I want wings too! You will be famous and rich if you start selling those wings!

  117. Outstanding. I’m actually tearing up about this. You and your team have made a phenomenal achievement. Your grandfather is proud.

  118. Hello,
    Very impressive tool ! Can you do a better video, on a better field (without trees, with better videocameras to convince all the non believers and also to promote your new amazing toy ?
    Thank you in advance !

  119. Truly unbelievable! Which is why I don’t believe it.

    Why does everyone run away from you when you’re about to start running? Are they afraid something could blow up? That’s the first weird thing.

    Why don’t you show more of the full contraption closeup? Is it because it’s fake and there’s nothing to show? That would be my guess.

    How do you hold your head SO STEADY during that aerial shot? Could it be because that camera shot is actually affixed to a hang glider or small helicopter?

    Why don’t you have film from third parties, such as local news reporters? Since you don’t, we must conclude that you can’t — because they would put the lie to this very clever use of computer graphics.

    Thanks for the diversion!

  120. We didn’t know this would be a historic video… so we used one (1) old/awful cell phone camera.

    Tripods? Steady video? Oh, it’s more fun to just use handheld/jerking video instead.

    We all decided to quickly run AWAY from the plane at take-off… like we are all scared to death it’s about
    to blow up. (Made the computer generated plane easier to fake… without people standing near it.)

    We do admit we had to use “plus some electric motors”. Actually, only 5% of this is really human-powered…
    95% is electric motor powered.

    We like to video tape it as far away as possible… especially right during the take-off part.
    (We didn’t want you to see when we switched from “live action” to “fake video”. It would have
    been too obvious.)

    Also, we “accidentally” had someone walk right in front of the camera, right when we landed so you wouldn’t
    see where we switched from “computer generated”… back to “real video”. Oops! My fault!

    We decided to have the guy flap his arms wildly… even though he could have simply
    just moved his 2 wifi controllers up and down slightly.

    We thought it was best to show a lot of (stock) footage from the air… rather than keeping the
    camera on the plane itself. If you see video from high in the air… that PROVES we are
    really up there in this machine.

    We decided to only use 1 ground camera, all from just 1 angle. We didn’t want 2-3 people with
    cameras pointed right at us! From front/sides/back/beneath angles. Why do you need to see *THREE* different
    sides of this. Just believe us! It really happened just like we say.

    We had to edit out some parts of the video. We are sorry. But we didn’t want it all to be just 1
    continuous “take”.

    We thought it was best to use a heavy 180 pound guy… instead of someone 120 pounds.
    We felt the extra 60 pounds would be “more fun” that way.

    We made sure there was no annoying crowd of people watching us when we actually did this.

    Please do NOT ask to actually see the plane afterwards. We aren’t showing it to anyone.

    No, we will NOT repeat this for worldwide news crews… or anyone else for that matter.
    We like to only do this historic stuff in private. Besides, we don’t feel like doing it again
    tomorrow anyway.

    Yes, you CAN send us money to work on this some more.

  121. This is the most amazing thing i’ve seen, and it made me really happy to see a person fly like a bird. I have seen that your video has encountered lots of skepticism, and most have “proof” that the video is fake. Are you planning on posting a video that will shut these people up for good. Please do!!

  122. Amazing! Man have conquerd the sky but make som wings for the hands. The hands need som resistanse to help balancing up there maby ? :-) Greetings from norway.

    in 20 years everyone flyes. Cars is obsolete now :)

  123. Congratulations! Some people with leg difficulties have great upper body strength, so I look forward to their enjoyment of this.

  124. march 2012 a major milestone in the human dream to create wings and fly Congratulations and thank you for this

  125. It’s amazing but lots of people calling it fake. Can you make another flight and silence those skeptics ?

  126. Absolutely wonderful!! I’m so happy for you! :D The whole thing made me feel all warm inside..! /Anders, Sweden

    • It would be nice to see the data behind this! For instance – how long can you stay in air before refuelling/charging?

  127. march 2012 a major milestone in human dream of creating wings and fly congratulations and thank you for this

  128. Very good job!
    from italy country of Leonardo da Vinci y are welcome… a dream can be realized only if you really want…my compliments

  129. Bravo félicitations !
    C’t'assurément bidonné cette histoire – allez savoir comment ils auraient pu déterminer a l’avance la quantité de vidéos pour arriver au un resultat probant?
    pourtant la derniere est reellement postee comme etant la quatorzieme des quatorze
    bref tout a ete anticipé c’est du pipeau j’attends le pourquoi maintenant

  130. Surely…you could get red bull to sponsor you…it gives you wings…!
    Bloody great achievement…well done guys.

  131. Jesus… This is internet, despite all the comments no-one seems to have been thinking this is fake!

  132. Fake. How did you know you’d need 14 videos to realize it ?
    Everything was planned in advance…

  133. I agree with with Jeff, pretty good for a fake video. -What an interesting way of making money during a poor economy you’ve found.

    I agree with the others who have stated that next time don’t label your videos “x of 14″ or similar -obviously in a real attempt you would have no idea how many videos you would have to record before getting to a success.

    -Someone literally putting their life into the hands of a cell phone battery, two Wii remote batteries, AND the Bluetooth connection between those Wii remotes and the smart phone? -There’s a WHOLE lot of single points of failure -and ones that are very likely to fail for any reasonable person to risk their life on that sort of setup.

    Cool project and I’m proud of you for doing something (making these videos and this website) but not for making a machine that actually flies.


  134. Im a skeptic. Right now I dont believe that video is real. Camera angles are crap. Why do people stand in front of the camera when he takes off. Possibly to take you attention away from the sudden change in video quality. Were there any people in such a public place videoing this on there phone??
    All of us skeptics out there need some better footage than this.

  135. Great job, only one question though, why make the human do all the work when you already programmed the whole thing in the first place?
    I just guess you did program it because it seems that way from this video
    If you did program it already why don’t you upload another test flight video of that
    And you already have a finished prototype with programming
    P.S. answer through e-mail

  136. Brilliant news de Vinci would be so proud . Saw you first try video and saw this one pop up on liveleak brilliant .you should get in touch with slingshot kite about sorting a new canopy . I’m sure a sponsorship deal could be had !

  137. Я насчитал в полете (при виде сбоку)

    __16 полных махов=\flaps\ за __9 секунд=\sec\. Это частота __1.78 Гц.=\Hz\

    Согласно моей программе, на крыльях Ярно это должно дать

    среднюю тягу=\thrust\ до __18-22 кг=\kG\.

    Что ж, вполне реалистично при таком размахе, площади и взлетном весе. Этого должно хватать как раз для слабенького набора высоты со

    скороподъемностью=\lift velocity\ около __0.3 м/с\m/sec\, что мы и видим в ролике.

    моя прога также показывает
    потребляемую мощность=\power\ в этом полете __2.32 кВт=\kW\

    и кпд машущего привода при таких условиях махов 86%. Какой кпд шестеренчатого редуктора с таким передаточным числом как у Ярно? Наверно около 85-90%.
    Это значит, что в идеальных условиях моторы должны выдавать около __2.57-3.02 кВт (3.5-4.1 л.с.=\HP\)

    =very good agreement between calculations\Authors prog. end Jarnos experiment!!!\=classical aerodynamic…

    • Vertaling:

      Ik telde in de vlucht (bij zijaanzicht)

      _16 volledige flaps in 9 seconden. Dat is een frequentie van _1.78 Hertz.

      Volgens mijn programma moet dat aan de vleugels van Jarno geven:

      een gemiddelde druk(?)\thrust\ van 18-22 kilo.

      Welnu, volkomen realistisch bij zo’n omvang, oppervlak en vluchtgewicht. Dit moet precies voldoende zijn voor een kleine hoogtewinst met

      een hefsnelheid van ongeveer _30 centimeter per seconde, die we ook zien in het filmpje.

      mijn programma laat ook het vereiste vermogen zien voor deze vlucht: _2.32 kiloWatt.

      en de Coefficient voor het Nuttig Vermogen (CNV) bij zulke voorwaarden van vleugelslagen is 86%. Wat is dan de CNV van de tandwiel reductor met het overbrengingsgetal zoals Jarno heeft? Waarschijnlijk ongeveer 85-90%. Dit betekent, dat onder ideale omstandigheden de motoren ongeveer _2.57-3.02 kiloWatt (3.5-4.1 paardekracht) moeten leveren.

    • Translation:

      I counted in the flight (looking from aside)

      _16 full flaps in 9 seconds. This is a frequency of _1.78 Hz.

      According to my program, this should give the wings of Jarno

      a mean thrust of _18-22 kG.

      That is utterly realistic with such (wing)spread, (wing)area and flightweight. This should exactly suffice for a small gain of height with

      a lift velocity of about 30 centimeter per second, just as we see in the film.

      My program also shows the needed power in this flight to be _2.32 kW

      and the Coefficient of Performance (CoP) in such circumstances of wingflaps is 86%. What is the CoP of the reduction gear with the transmission number as Jarno uses? Probably around 85-90%.
      This means, that in ideal circumstances the motors need to yield around _2.57-3.02 kW (3.5-4.1 horse powers)

      • thankyou for translation.
        =theoretically JARNO should be flying,
        but I think=his construction was to weake!
        end uncontrolled \danger\ scheme…

  138. Парень, ты крут!

    Greetings from Russia.
    You are cool!
    Please, start to produce this kit and sell it over the world ))

  139. As a long time pilot of powered aircraft, I am impressed – more than impressed, I think you have achieved something of historical importance here!

    Whilst there have bee many attempts, some successful to some degree, It has always been said that true human-powered flight is a practical impossibility due to power-to-weight inadequacies inherent in the human body.

    Combining clever technology the way you have is brilliant and looks like it could actually make it possible!

  140. Wow, this is amazing. Saw it a few hours ago on the ninemsn news website, in Australia. After i watched the video like 10 times i thought that it’d be incredible to take it to one of those really high up mountains, where those dudes jump off and fly down the mountain and then open a chute.. except instead fly off it and just soar all the way down.

    God.. this is incredible.

  141. AMAZING!! Ok! How height do you think you were flying? 7 or 9 metres? A hundred years ago the Wright brothers made a first flight like you 100 metres long… where will be your human birdwings 100 years later?

  142. Echt een kippenvel moment. Heel cool om te zien hoe je opstijgt als een vogel en natuurlijk nog landen. Heel mooi. Gefeliciteerd met deze prestatie :-) en blijf nieuwe filmpjes maken :-D

  143. You should set up a kickstarter account to produce these for retail sales!!! You would get funded for sure!

  144. This is what watching the moon landing must have felt like!
    Sometimes humans are capable of wonderful things.
    I am a mechanical engineering student, and this validates everything I have worked for.

  145. Why is the video blurry? Is it so difficult to get a good quality HD Video recorder in Netherlands? Its all very difficult to believe without looking at good clear pictures.

  146. Wow, how totally fake and impossible that is. Wings that can’t flap fast enough or provide enough downward thrust somehow propelled you into the sky. You forgot to hide the tiretracks in the grass of your winching vehicle

  147. Amazing! How did you do that? could you share your experience? especially for making the wing driver. Finally, congratulation!

  148. When did you realise that you needed a crane to fake it? I wonder how small you can get the wings and still have people willing to give you money for them?

  149. nice.

    I’ve watched a number of your vids, and have just one question.
    What is the energy source that powers the flapping wings?
    The device seems too minimal to hold an energy source of any mass.

  150. Watching you flying made me feel incredibly happy, and the expression of your face when you landed was priceless, you deserved it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. I almost buy it but… it’s fake. Around 0:35 you can see that it’s not real. Something is going on with the physics (tails doesn’t flow with the motion… body moves way too fast up and down… stuff like that). Good work though! ;o)

  152. You my good sir have made history every childs dream of flying away just got a hell of alot closer THANK YOU

  153. Looks like you were quite lucky with the wind this time! I wish you good luck with your project, although it’s a milestone, you’re only half there yet :-)
    Could you post raw files of the footage taken or send me a mail regarding that? I’d love to see it again in slow motion from multiple angles.

  154. That was amazing! Can I pay you for the blueprints on how to make one of these!?

    Congrats from Canada!

  155. Thank you for putting together this video. I think that the CGI is nearly perfect, and it is getting closer to being believable. I’m quite amazed at what’s possible on small budgets!

    However, I think that you’re running out of ways to reliably fool your audience. For the next iteration I recommend getting the wing crashed or destroyed in some way, so you can start over with a new model. This way people won’t have an expectation of you repeating this in front of them, which is obviously impossible.

  156. Am I the only one who noticed that this video was fake? It’s very well done, don’t get me wrong, but this man did not fly like a bird. Sorry to ruin a good story with the truth.

  157. ” All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. “

  158. Three things.

    1. Why was everyone running to get back from the wing when he was ready?
    2. I fly hang gliders, lots of people film them from the side and in front, but there is no footage from these angles.
    3. On the 14th video at 0.20min, the guy on the left runs through the edge of the wing…CGI???

    Sorry, as you said in your 13th video, I suspect a Set-Up.

  159. This is, for me personally, the most inspirational thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like watching one of my dreams play out in a movie. Amazing. Incredible. Congratulations and thank you.

    Please share your method, design, and technology with the world.

  160. Are you people fucking serious? You guys should buy this contraption and jump off of a roof in unison to celebrate.

  161. HAHA Very Well Done!, but you should have saved it for 1 April so the fools who believe it have at least some excuse.

  162. My most sincere Congratulations Jarno, you have just walk through the front door of the history edifice! I am sure I’ll talk about you with my grandkids one day…
    I’ve been following you and the process for few months (more or less since you got the scissors into your kite) and never ever doubted you would do it :D , I just honestly didn’t expect you to get it this soon!
    I am so elated for you and for what you have achieved…, I actually cried…
    Thank you so, so much.
    ps: can’t wait to see what the next improvements are going to be and how you become more familiar with it and learn how to save energy.

  163. Sorry, but I think this is absolute fake. You can not lift your body with the only power of your arms. Dynamic wings — > not yet, my friend.

  164. Watching this felt like I was living one of my actual recurring dreams and it made me happier than I’d ever felt, even though I wasn’t even there. Thank you so much for giving this to the world!

    • Saw this first flight video only 30mins ago and you took the words from my mind. Well worded.

  165. Simply amazing, my son and I want to know if you will ever sell them, because we want to buy one or two very badly. You are like Henry Ford my friend, God bless you

  166. Remarkable accomplishment. Congratulations on going from idea to execution so fast!

  167. sigo sin tener palabaras para esto pero es genial.
    acabas de cumplir el sueño mas viejo de la humanidad
    volar, ese sueño que todos compartimos, y espero que cuando sea mayor yo también tenga mis alas, ya te llamare para hacer carreras XD

  168. Yesterday I did not believe this could be done in this form with current technology. Now…
    I need to build one. That is the only way I can express how excited I am about this. The key going forward will be passive energetics: tuning the structure harness resonance to reuse power wherever possible.
    You do not need me to tell you, but to reiterate: congratulations, you have done something truly great and inspiring.

  169. Hey man,

    you can be really proud of yourself. You have chasen your dream from the beginning to the end. You did it. You are an inspiration for the rest of us with crazy, mad, unbelievable dreams. I hope to see you flying much more (:

  170. Really amazing. What kind of time span would the motors last? They’d be battery powered, right? The flapping control would make this something very rare in the world; an upper body aerobic exercise that is actually fun.

    • Okay. You fooled me. I was gullible to think this was real and you have a right to laugh at me. Well done.

  171. Hi Jarno! Your video and story was just featured in a national news program here in Spain. I was amazed when I saw it so I simply had to google your name after the video was over. Incredible! Da Vinci would want to shake your hand. :)

  172. Very nicely done, thought provoking.

    Of course, the initial thought is that you have way too much time if you spent so much of it on this elaborate piece of fiction. I can’t to see how many people think it’s actually true!

    Good fun.

  173. Congratulations !
    That is awesome. Watching you fly like that made me feel I’ve got wings too :)

    Best of luck.

    (I’ve posted your video on my Google+ page. Couldn’t credit you with G+ name link as I wasn’t sure whether “+Jarno Smeets” on G+ is you.)

  174. This is absolutely magical. A great accomplishment.
    Please post more details (in English, if possible) about how you are able to flap the wings, to achieve enough lift. Are you thinking of making these available for purchase?

  175. wow, unbelievable indeed. I really would like to see a real life demo of this and I think I’m not the only one. Would you care to come to the TU Delft to show this?

  176. That’s amazing. Have you ever considered putting those out on the market? Imagine how much money you could make! (Übersetzung: Das ist erstaunlich. Haben Sie schon einmal die Leute, die sich auf dem Markt? Stellen Sie sich vor, wieviel Geld Sie machen konnte!)

  177. Well done! Truly a dream made reality. An inspiring story of the human spirit and the power of collaboration.

  178. Wow. Congratulations! This is absolutely my dream – I am in total awe that you can actually do it. Again, congratulations!

  179. Wow!! Truly amazing and inspirational. Thank you for this (Persian and Baha’i) New Year’s gift to the world. You may be the new face of freedom!!

  180. Congratulations from the Berkeley Hang Gliding Club. Those flapping wings sure are impressive.

    We are wondering how you control that thing. Is it all weight shift of the legs, or do the motors allow you to control pitch and roll as well as providing thrust?

    If this aircraft proves difficult to control in turbulent lift (you *are* going to try to soar with it, right?), you might try combining it with a standard hang glider control frame and harness.

    Best of luck to you.

  181. Thank you. For making this incredible dream come true. You made me believe that the fight for freedom is possible. It is an incredible achievement, only dreamed for centuries. THANK YOU. You are an amazing engineer.

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  183. I just got chills watching your video. Congratulations, that is an awesome accomplishment. I hope I can own a set some day. You’ve done what many said could not be done, and I’m so excited for you.

    Congratulations from the USA.

  184. This is a fun for a fake video. Next time you need to add some side to side motion to the go pro camera on your helmet. I do love the lengths you have gone to make this realistic.

    • > This is a fun for a fake video. Next time you need to add some side to side motion to the go pro camera on your helmet. I do love the lengths you have gone to make this realistic.

      Yeah… and add to that some realistic airflow stress onto a beating wing. The video demonstrates ZERO wing load.
      Major goof. If you can photoshop the wing to show realistic load stresses this would be way, way more fun (read convincing the totally gullible goofs dropping in here…) and real pilots would get a real blast out of your work.

      Quoting Rob:
      If anything, I think his mechanism for fake flapping his fake wings using fake carbon spars connected to fake eccentric gears turned by fake outrunner brushless motors, fake speed controllers and fake LIPO batteries all controlled by fake HTC phone receiving fake signals via fake bluetooth WII accelerometers connected to his fake arms is truly ingenious.

      Oh wait, his arms….perhaps those are not fake. Amazing how much hard work and money it takes some people to make a fake 3 minute video on Youtube. Specially if one considers that person made an additional 15 fake videos documenting the making of the final fake wing and a full on website with blogs to add to the deception. Including several fake 3D CAD animations and fake initial test flights. And all for the glory of being called a fake world over by skeptic Youtube viewers,

  185. This video literally brought me to tears…there’s just something so magical about someone realizing a dream that practically everyone has had since they were a child. Congratulations–I know this will be an inspiration to me to keep pursuing my dreams :)

  186. I’ve been following your project a while now, and to be honest, I didn’t see this coming. GRATULATIONS!

    Very.. very impressive!

    p.s. how are you going to convince all of the non believers on the internet?

  187. Fantastic! (!!!!) I hope you post the full camera takes or invite some media next time, just so the internet skeptics can finally give it a rest.