First post – soon more!

Started this WordPress blog to write about and share my dream. My dream to fly in the same way as birds do. Like Leonardo DaVinci envisioned it centuries ago and many others before and after him. Not with a jetpack or with a hangglider. But with wings attached to the arms. The last years I’ve been figuring out a method to make this possible.

Soon more. I will explain what I have in mind and why. And share how I am going to beat gravity.


5 thoughts on “First post – soon more!

  1. Ik snap niet dat je wilt volhouden dat je dit ook maar op een of andere manier zou kunnen hard maken. Je licht mensen op.

    You are a con artist of the worst kind.

  2. I like the idea but wouldent it be hard for the person to use the wing cuz of the shear pressure placed on the persons arm would be amense and most likel to snap the persons arm instantly even if you had the arm with a robotic device it would stil be hard on the persons body, these wings would have to be a full body harness.

    Good Luck


    • Hi TechTeamTutorials,

      Be sure to stay with me on this website, next week I’ll post a video where all of these questions will be answered by a professor on Neuromechanics. Where can I find you? You have an website?

      gr Jarno

      • Well i have a site but it is only really for live show but i do have an email if you need to contact me. I cant wait to see this video, im only 15 so that question was just to see if you had a awnser but ill keep posted on the site to see what you find.