Aerodynamic ribs & wingsurface

To keep you updated, here are my latest videos on the construction of the wing. Half december things have been progressing steadily. Floor did a nice job filming that, so here the result.

In the first video you see how I had the aerdynamic ribs cut at a technical workplace. The ribs give the wing its shape. We have succesfully attached them to the flightpins. The second video gives you a nice look at the completions of the wing. The work is not quite done yet, the mechanics of the wing needs to be calibrated, balanced and finetuned.

But isn’t it just great the wings have come off the drawing table and now hang in my workplace? I am tired but so excited!


3 thoughts on “Aerodynamic ribs & wingsurface

  1. Will you be making a kit? i am very interested in free flight. hopefully in the future i can buy one of these, if it is really possible

  2. Hello,

    My name is Pedro Argumedo, I´m from Mexico, this morning I´ve just seen the video and it´s amazing!!, congratulations!!. I am aeronautical engineer, I would like to keep in contact with you to talk about this projects, thanks,

  3. Prachtig project, onwerkelijk, bijna niet te geloven,steeds denk ik dat het een een april grap is.
    Maar als het echt is ben ik geweldig onder de in druk en kan het een omwenteling in het leven worden, met zeer veel mogelijkheden…zo knap…